Sunday Observer  Magazine, 10th April, 2016.

Pop out and get one, Chris and I are featured in an article in the magazine, our life in Staithes and our art.

 The Antiques Roadshow USA

And here is the finished product; a painting/poster for The Antiques Roadshow, USA.  It is the twentieth year in the series so I have painted an object from each of the last twenty years. 



I have another busy year ahead of me. I will be taking part in exhibitions in my usual galleries as a gallery artist, Water Street Gallery, Todmorden,  Staithes Gallery, Staithes, North Yorkshire,  and Gladwell Patterson, London.

Chris and I have the window of The last Tuesday Society, Victor Wynd's Museum of Curiosity, Bethnal Green, where we will be exhibiting 60 works during July and August.

Chris and I will be exhibiting at Gabriel Fine Art, London, in a show of works inspired by William Blake. 

'Urizen' below is just a taster.


We also have a joint show at Water Street Gallery in September.

I will also be producing something for a Shakespeare exhibition in Oxford in October 2016.

Towards the end of the year we will be busy preparing for our next residency in Shetland in January 2017 where we are planning to make another short film.

Presently I am working full time in the studio on a commission for The American Antiques Roadshow. They have asked me to create a trompe l'oeil painting for their 2016 poster depicting items from the last 20 years of the Antiques Roadshow. This will be completed by the end of January.


Galdwell Patterson

I am one of a small group of artists exhibiting in the exhibition ,'The Pageant of Venice',  19th January to 11th February, 2016, at Gladwell Patterson Gallery, 5 Beauchamp Place, London SW3 1NG,  020 7584 5512

"All Aboard"

I also have a number of small works in Water Street Gallery, Todmorden, "Winter Exhibition" until January 31st 2016.  This is a lovely varied exhibition with some very interesting work, worth catching before it finishes.


"Sunday Best"


You can also usually see a selection of my 'seaside' themed works at Staithes Gallery, High Street, Staithes, North Yorkshire,  take a look at their website for more information...    Staithes Gallery

 Up date, January 2016

We had a very busy 2015 with numerous exhibitions and commissions and both Chris and I were delighted to have paintings in The Chelsea Flower Show this year thanks to Gladwell Patterson.

One of the highlights of the year was our residency in Shetland in June where we had time to think and work unhampered by the daily grind.  During this time we had an exhibition of Shetland works at Shetland Museum in Lerwick and we are pleased to say that Scalloway Museum now have 2 of my works and 2 of Chris's works in their permanent collection all based on work done in Scalloway Castle.

An annual event is our very exciting collaboration at Staithes Festival in September 2015 when we turned our cottage into a 'House of Jars" complete with 'Dummy Board' mermaid in a jar.




Chris and I have also just completed (January 2016) the 8' x 11' painting below, for a client. It is a view of the interior of The Vienna State Library. 


November 2015, I am afraid we are very behind in our updates but I will be on to it very soon.  my Facebook page will give you up to date information and recent paintings.

February 2015, I am working on a number of paintings in the studio for galleries and up and coming exhibitions. I have just completed work for 'Circus in Terminal 15' another Circus Terminal travelling exhibition which is starting from RR gallery, St Peter's Church, Notting Hill on February 27th.

Later in the year we are travelling to Shetland again for another residency and also have an exhibition in Shetland Museum, Lerwick, June 2nd to June 29th, 2015

Don't miss the Staithes Festival 12th and 13th September 2015 , we will be having another extravaganza and the usual painted driftwood fishes.


'Bob's Bag'

A very exciting project, a David Lynch intervention, for Mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, created and performed by Chris and I, a performance in a bag inspired by David Lynch's art and films. February 5th, 2015.



Staithes Illusion trail  2014

2014 a very busy year painting 8 images throughout the village of Staithes in North Yorkshire.  The paintings are all trompe l'oeil and form a 'tourist trail' throughout the alleyways and ginnels of staithes. the staithes illusion trail was commissioned by the staithes festival of arts and heritage and generously funded by the North York moors national park authority.

Guides to the trail are available in Staithes gallery, and other shops in the village (free) . 

Staithes Festival september 2014

For the festival this year we have turned our cottage into a cinema in order to screen our latest film "Welcome to our Seaside' as well as exhibiting the usual works and painted drtiftwood fishes, highly desirable items!!



3rd space, artist's residency thailand

Currently working with 5 other artists from around the world to produce an exhibition in northern Thailand and then Bangkok.  the residency has been set up by surface arts' leader and curator Katie Hawker.

We are staying on Prem international  school campus and as well as making our own work we are contributing to the curriculum of the school with workshops, studio visits and such like. We are here for a month, October until November 2013.


staithes festival september 2013

this year we turned our cottage into a cabinet of curiosity, a pop-up museum for 2 days only.  it was a fantastic success with chris and i producing all kinds of art works to astound the public.  the whole thing was a mixture of performance, serious museum stuff, spoof artefacts, taxidermy and chimera.  we must have had a 1000 people through our doors and managed to confound many of them.


'woodland barbie' taxidermy, barbie and the artist's own hair.


 'mermaid' in preservative fluid, found after recent storm at staithes.



'routemasters exhibition', circus terminal, west bank gallery, notting hill, london

group show, captains and guest artists from our world touring exhibition, september 2013.


 paintings for private clients continuing throughout the year.

summer shows, 2013, at wendy levy gallery, didsbury, manchester and also at water street gallery, todmorden, plus exhibiting at the dean clough viaduct cafe art space .

 february 2013

 artist's residency, at clay on main,  to join in with the touring  exhibition, 'circus terminal' in oley and boyertown, philadelphia.

the 'fabulous czainskis' will be showing one of their performance videos, 'bound'.  the preview evening will be february 15th. we are also showing some wall mounted artworks. 

during the stay we experimented with ceramics, gave talks, involved ourselves in discussions and gave a tv interview.

 dandelion and burdock

january to april 2013


'sunday roast' ......

 sowerby bridge, solo show in 'dandelion and burdock', art cafe, 16 town hall street, hx62ea

dandelion and burdock


'teaching aesthetics to a fish' on show at..........

viaduct cafe exhibition space, dean clough, halifax, 4 person show, from mid february2013.


important news!! this is one of my paintings on the front cover of this brand new publication! order now from art domain whois verlag leipzig. i am artist number 11 in the book.


sowerby bridge festival in aid of 'fire and water', a scheme to turn the old fire station and swimming baths into an art and culture centre. i painted a lantern depicting vincent van gogh with his bandaged ear.


new orleans, july 2012, a great commission for lovely clients, a room inspired by 'livia's room' in rome.



artist's residency in scalloway, shetland, may 2012.  the most amazing month, inspirational!





 on now

'double vision'  a joint show with my wife chris.  we are showing more than 60 works at wendy levy gallery, didsbury extended until may 24th 2012 . go to the link below for more information.

wendy levy gallery 

 circus terminal


an ongoing international exhibition/collaborative touring project 2012-2013

we had a brilliant week in london, taking part in and helping with the show 'circus terminal'.  this was the opening event of the world tour! we performed our new piece 'love bag' on the opening night to a very appreciative audience at the tabernacle, notting hill.  next stop is barcelona and then france and on to the rest of the world!


'love bag' practice session!






 'icon', water street gallery, water st., todmorden until september 25th, 2011.   the open evening is thursday, 8th september, 6pm until 8pm.  come along for drinks and nibbles. it is a really great mixed show.

 looking forward to entering the igor annual show next year, something to get excited about.  i am a member of igor (there are only 200+ members in the world!)


included in 'the international dictionary of artists, 2011.



the summer show at the wendy levy gallery, didsbury.

 the elephant parade

the biggest outdoor art event in london ever!  in aid of the endangered asian elephant.  200 elephant sculptures painted by top artists and celebrities at important sites in london throughout the summer.  look at the above link for more details.

sold for £11000, (proceeds to the endangered asian elephant.)